SharePoint Online Cookbook

A list of 114 Power Automate recipes for specific SharePoint Online operations. Power Automate examples for SharePoint Online use cases, to save time. This is a work in progress kind of article, I will keep updating it.

– The purpose of this cookbook is to demonstrate how to interact with the SharePoint Online service via Power Automate cloud flows.
– A lot of recipes use either the SharePoint Online REST API or Graph API methods via the Send an HTTP request to SharePoint action.
– All recipes have code snippets & screenshots, which should help you to get started quickly.

Last updated: May 20, 2024

Brand Center

Apply a Custom Font Package to a Site
Apply an Out of the Box Font Package to a Site
Get a Custom Font Package by Id
Get an Out of the Box Font Package by Id
List Custom Font Packages
List Out of the Box Font Packages

Content Type Gallery

Add or Sync a Content Type to a Site
Check Publishing Status of Content Type
Create a Content Type
Get Content Type by Name
Publish a Content Type
Unpublish a Content Type

Document Sets

Activate Document Sets feature on a site
Add Document Set Content Type to a Library
Create a Document Set with metadata

Fields and Views

Add a Column Validation Formula to a Field
Add a field to a View
Create a Choice type field
Create a Currency type field
Create a Date and time type field
Create a Hyperlink type field
Create a Location type field
Create a Lookup type field
Create a Multi-Value Person type field
Create a Number type field
Create a Yes/No type field
Create an additional Lookup type field column
Create an Average Rating type field
Create an Image type field
Create a View
Get Choice field Choices
Remove a field from a View
Update a Filter in a View
Update an Average Rating type field from Star Rating to Likes

Libraries, Folders and Files

Check a File in as a major version
Check if a Folder exists
Create a Coloured Folder
Create a Folder
Create a Library
Delete a File
Get a File by Id (Guid)
Get OData Type of a Folder
Get UniqueId of a File
Rename a File
Rename a Folder
Update Enable Minor Versions setting

Lists and List Items

Add a Content Type to a List
Create a List
Create a List item in a folder
Create a Playlist List item
Delete a List
Get a List by GUID
Get a List by Title
Get Id of a List
Restore a version of a List item
Set a Default Content Type on a List
Update Allow management of content types setting
Update Hidden List setting
Update multi-value MMS field in List Item
Update No Crawl List setting

Microsoft Purview

Create a Sensitivity Labels applied to Files report
List items without a Compliance Tag
Set a Compliance Tag for multiple List items
Set a Default Sensitivity Label on a Library
Update Sensitivity Label on a Communication Site
Update Sensitivity Label on a Team Site


Create Translation Pages for All Languages
Create a Translation Page for One Language
Enable Translation setting of a Site
Translate a Site Name
Update Translation Languages of a Site


Create Navigation Node with Audience
Get a Navigation Node by Name
Update a Navigation Node
Update Navigation Audience Targeting setting

Pages and content

Add a Text Web Part to a Page
Get Page by Title
List webparts on a page


Add Site Collection Admin role to a User
Add User to a SharePoint Group
Create Anyone links Sharing report
Get permissions of a list item
Get Principal Id by LoginName for a Entra Id security Group (or a User)
Remove (unique) permissions of a group on a list
Remove Site Collection Admin role of a User

Site Administration

Activate site feature
Deactivate site feature
Delete all items in a Recycle Bin
Delete all items in a second stage Recycle Bin
Get a list item from a Recycle Bin
Get Id of a site
Join a site to a Hub site
List activated features on a site
Move all items from first stage to the second stage Recycle Bin
Restore item from a Recycle Bin
Update external sharing setting of a site
Update members can share setting of a site
Update page comments setting of a site
Update storage limit setting of a site


Create a page template
Create a News for Email page template
Create a Site Script for an Organisation Library Template
Create a Site Script for an Organisation List Template
Create an Organisation Library Template
Create an Organisation List Template
Get Organisation List Templates
Remove Organisation List Template

Term Store

Add a new Term to a Term Set
Get Term(s) by Label
Get Term Group by Name
Get Term Set by Name
Update a Term in a Term Set

User Profiles

Update multi-value property in a User Profile
Update property in a User Profile

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