SharePoint Online Cookbook

A (short) list of Power Automate recipes for specific SharePoint Online operations. This is a work in progress kind of article, I will keep updating it.

Fields and Views

Add a field to a View
Create a Choice type field
Create an additional Lookup type field column
Create a Location type field
Create a Lookup type field
Create a Multi-Value Person type field
Remove a field from a View
Update a Filter in a View

Folders and Files

Check a File in as a major version
Check if a Folder exists
Create a Folder
Get a File by Id (Guid)
Get OData Type of a Folder
Rename a Folder

Lists and List Items

Restore a version of a list item
Update Hidden List setting
Update No Crawl List setting


Update a Navigation Node

Pages and content

List webparts on a page


Get permissions of a list item
Remove (unique) permissions of a group on a list

Site Administration

Activate site feature
Join a site to a Hub site
Update storage limit site

Term Store

Get term(s) by label

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