Get a List by GUID

How to retrieve a SharePoint Online list/library by GUID using a Power Automate flow.




Not applicable

Screenshot with example

Sample data
ListGUID – d38a3109-fd35-4f93-a8d7-f46769d19df3


Copy/paste example


Retrieving lists and list properties with REST

That’s it, Happy testing!

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2 Responses

  1. swetambra singh says:

    Hi Dennis, I am trying to get the last views of all the documents from a library on SharePoint as a column using the power automate flow. I am told the SharePoint rest API and Microsoft graph API both are not giving getting the result.

  2. Dennis says:

    Hi Swetambra,

    With last views do you mean who has recently viewed each document. In other words Usage analytics? For that I would suggest to have a look at either:

    Or the Get item activity stats by interval method:

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