Add Document Set Content Type to Library

How to add the Document Set Content Type to document library in a SharePoint Online Site using a Power Automate flow.

Make sure you run the Update Allow management of content types setting first.




Screenshot with example

Sample data
Site Address –
SiteId –,0b11c57d-ef88-46d7-9743-8e800c507595,af1a15c6-956b-4652-b8f8-869836e4e6ee
ListId – 99aa05da-c09c-49af-967e-896f1ef07f3d (Customer Document Sets Document Library)
ContentTypeId – 0x0120D520 (Document Set)


Expected response

Details of the Document Set Content Type which have been added to the Library.

Copy/paste example


contentType: addCopyFromContentTypeHub

That’s it, Happy testing!

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