Check if Folder exists

How to check if a folder exists in a SharePoint Online library using a Power Automate flow. The response of the action will be either true or false (boolean value).




Not applicable

Screenshot with example

Sample data
Site Address –
Path – /sites/PowerUsers/Project Folders/Example Folder


Copy/paste example


FileFolderExtensions.FolderExists Method

That’s it, Happy testing!

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2 Responses

  1. Robert Rennel says:

    I am testing your code above and I get the
    “d”: {
    “Exists”: false
    “d”: {
    “Exists”: true
    depending on if the folder exists or not.
    I am now trying to get that answer into a condition which has the possibilities yes or no.
    But whatever i do i never get the condition to run at true.
    I have tried to use compose but i don’t get any other answer. It’s like the condition argument don’t read true/false correct.

  2. thiago says:

    Thanks, this works perfectly

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