Mention a tag with a flow

A week ago Hubert asked me if it was possible to mention a tag in a flow. It looks like that should also be possible via the Invoke an HTTP request approach. This blog shows you how to set this up.

Original request

Do we know if/when we could generate an @-mention for a custom tag?

Mention a team with a flow


Invoke HTTP request approach again

Turns out this can also be done by using the Invoke an HTTP request approach. Just make sure you set the tag property in the json.

1. Add an Invoke an HTTP request action. Make sure that in the connection of the action is specified as the base resource url.

2. Use the Send chatMessage in channel method from the Graph API .

Use the code snippet for the body of the request. Replace the Tag displayname and the id of the tag by your tag name and id.


Happy testing!

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