Trigger a flow from a Teams tag

Sometimes using tags in Teams can be useful. However, there is not a specific trigger action for this. This blog shows how you could use a trigger condition for this.

Using tags in Teams

With tags, you can categorize people based on attributes, such as role, project, skill, training, or location. For example, a “Nurse” or “Manager” or Designer” tag will enable you to reach groups of people in Teams without having to type every single name.

Once a tag is added, just @mention it in a channel. Everyone who has been assigned that tag will receive a notification just as they would if they were @mentioned individually.

Using tags in Teams


Trigger condition

Turns out this can be achieved by using a trigger condition. You can find the tag in the mentions section of the json response. The expression is using an equals function to compared it with your preferred tag.

1. Add an When a new channel message is added (Preview) action.

2. Go to the settings of that action. Add the following expression to it. Replace the TagMentioning tag by the tag name you want to use.


3. Add a compose action. Use for instance the Message property in that action and save the flow.


Happy testing!

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