Anywhere365: How to update Unified Contact Center Core


How to update Unified Contact Center Core to version 3.0.15073.0

(Business) Goal

Anywhere365 is a product on top of Lync Server 2013 which I recently started working on. If you want to know more about this product I can recommend the GoLive documents on the site of Workstreampeople:

Anywhere365 is a native Lync Unified Contact Center addition that will significantly enhance the standard Lync functionalities available to your organization.

Everyone is a contact center with specific skill sets. Anywhere365 is the premium solution for streamlining communication and dialogues to ensure a more productive and efficient way of information sharing.


Recently I was asked to update a Unified Contact Center Core installation to a new version, in this case 3.0.15073.0.

Technical Overview

Workstreampeople has a article on how to update Unified Contact Center Core as part of the GoLive documents, Workstreampeople – Update Anywhere365 Core. This is a good article which describes some manual steps and one PowerShell step. I decided to convert all the manual steps to automated steps.

The process of updating contains the following steps:
1. Stop UCC Service
2. Back-up UCC files, Dashboard & Attendant
3. Extract Zip update package
4. Unblock extracted files, if necessary
5. Run Update UCC script
6. Delete UCC cache files
7. Start UCC Service
8. Validate UCC version

This script uses some basic Windows PowerShell cmdlets like Get-ChildItem, Copy-Item, Remove-Item, Get-Service, Stop-Service, Start-Service and Unblock-File. Besides that I used the ExtractToDirectory Method from the System.IO.Compression namespace for extracting the zip.

Currently the script is far from perfect, so I am only sharing this for inspiration and I would definitely first test it on a testing environment!


To complete this how-to, you must have the following prerequisites must be met:
– Member of Local Administrators group on the Anywhere365 Application server
– Member of Local Administrators group on every server with Lync Server file shares
– Member of the CSAdministrator group in the domain
– Member of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group in the domain


1. Adjust the hard coded path values matching your environment
2. Run the Powershell script in Windows PowerShell via the following command .\update_ucccore.ps1
3. In the .\UpdateUCC.ps1 you are asked to stop IIS for an update, answer this with Y

Additional resources

Bish – Unzipping files in Powershell scripts
MSDN Library – ExtractToDirectory Method
TechNet – Copy-Item cmdlet
TechNet – Get-ChildItem cmdlet
TechNet – Get-Service cmdlet
TechNet – Remove-Item cmdlet
TechNet – Start-Service cmdlet
TechNet – Stop-Service cmdlet
TechNet – Unblock-File cmdlet
Workstreampeople – Anywhere365 Core
Workstreampeople – GoLive documentation
Workstreampeople – Update Anywhere365 Core

Applies to

Anywhere365, Lync Server 2013, SharePoint 2013

Change History

06-03-2015 – 1.0

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