SCSM 2012: Self Service Portal Service default results per page customization

I really notice on the Technet Forums that the customization of the Self-Service Portal of System Center Service Manager 2012 is one of the hot topics. That’s why I wanted to share another quick tip on how to customize it to your likings. Last Wednesday Nichoff asked in this thread about if it was possible to adjust the number of requests in the My Request web part.

Like in my previous article about Self-Service Portal customization the settings.xml file is the place you want to be. This file contains a lot of configuration options (setting keys) for the Self-Service Portal and can be found in the Inetpub of your SharePoint server.

1. Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\System Center Service Manager Portal\ContentHost\Clientbin (or another location if your installation directory was different
2. Open the Settings.xml file
3. Modify the setting key for DefaultResultsPerPage with the value for the number of request you want to display per page. I adjusted it to 10:
DefaultResultsPerPage setting key
4. Don’t forget to restart your browser and clear your cache

Happy customizing!

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