Easy access to your PowerApp in SharePoint is now possible!

Sometimes you suddenly see some nice announcement tweets on your timeline. Last week this was also the case. I saw the announcement of a preview version of the PowerApps SPFx web part, which is now available in SharePoint.

You can embed your PowerApp on a modern SharePoint site

Below you can see how I added a survey app on a page via the new SPFx web part. You can now interact without leaving the context of your SharePoint site. That looks pretty cool!

PowerApps SPFx web part

Just as simple as copying the web link of your PowerApp

You only need to follow these three simple steps to add it to your Modern SharePoint site.

1. Copy your web link of your PowerApp
PowerApps SPFx web part

2. Add the Microsoft PowerApps web part to your page
PowerApps SPFx web part

3. Paste the web link in the configuration settings of the web part and publish your page
PowerApps SPFx web part

You can read more about this new web part in this Techcommunity conversation.

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