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Coffee Flow in progress

Finally it is in preview, the geo-fence trigger in Microsoft Flow. I have been waiting for that feature for some time. I am also glad for the heads-up from Rebekka who spotted this feature...

Start a subscription Flow

Just wanted to share this blog with you guys and it is also for my own reference. I created a Flow to start a subscription for SharePoint on the Office 365 Management Activity API.

Dynamics 365 meets Flow

Luise Freese recently published a great blog on how to create a Flow for a Sticker request process. She asked for suggestions. My suggestion was to connect it up to Dynamics 365. So I...

Tracking code in Tenant Wide Extensions list

I was experimenting with Tenant Wide Deployment of SPFx Extensions. This post describes how you can use the Tenant Wide Extensions list to manage your Google Analytics tracking code on your SharePoint online environment.